Time hack ( Happy Street ) . Side effects and the blah.

Those who played Happy Street will know that many things you do will require a certain time for it to be crafted etc.

I have tried out the ‘time hack’ which in other words, mean manually adjusting your device’s time to fast forward the game time as well.

In this particular game though, the developer apparently found a way to track those who have changed their device timing.

There will be a subtle warning from Pepin immediately once you launch the game after adjusting your device’s time.

What I have found out so far regarding the ‘time hack’ :

1. Crafting and building of items will be completed when you fast forward the time, but when you reset your device’s time back to normal, the crafting and building duration will be reverted back as well. However, the items that you have already gotten from the crafting will still be in your bag.

2. Gold and plants that you collected while in the ‘fast-forward gameplay’ will remain as well, similar to crafted items.

( Long story cut short : There is no benefits to be gained when you build buildings, only gold and items collected will remain after you reset time back to normal. )

3. Lucky Spins tokens doesn’t get affected .

4. Some people have the issue of plants and trees not growing etc after resetting the time back to normal. This doesn’t seem to happen to me, maybe I got lucky.


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