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The curious case of iOS 9 app syncing.

iOS 9 changes a fundamental concept of syncing – the syncing of apps.

In previous iOS versions, apps that were updated on any iOS device would simply be transferred to the PC during a sync.

However, apps that were updated/purchased on an iOS 9 device will not be synced to the PC. This is due to Apple’s new policy (from iOS 9 onwards) of only loading the appropriate components of an app to a device. For instance, only the iPhone related components of an app will be loaded into an iPhone, the iPad artifacts in the app will not be loaded. Hence, this means that the app on an iOS device is not 100% complete. This is the reason why apps updated on an iOS 9 device will not be transferred to a PC during a sync. A PC will only contain apps that are complete.

Apps that are updated on the PC will be synced to the iOS device.

One way to maintain the identical set of apps on a PC is to manually download the apps that were downloaded on a device to the computer as well via iTunes. An easy way to see in iTunes the apps that are not present on PC, but present on your device is to go to the App Store > ‘Purchased’ (on the right hand side) > ‘Not in my library’ . Strangely, it is not able to sort the apps in chronological order even after sorting by ‘Most Recent’.. Is this a bug or something, I’ve no idea.

The other way is to enable automatic downloads in iTunes.

Edit > Preferences > Store > Automatic Downloads > tick the checkbox for ‘Apps’ .

I’ve to agree that this new policy change is not well communicated to the general public by Apple. Such major changes should be explained clearly. I faced the issue of numerous apps being stuck on ‘waiting..’ after syncing and was wondering why. I did some research and this is what I am able to conclude so far.


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Downloading from 2Shared. Solving the page refresh problem.

As some of you may have encountered, after clicking the download button in a 2Shared webpage, the page auto-refreshes to the exact same page.

This could be due to your IP addresses being blocked somehow by 2Shared.

Simply connect to VPN service which will result in your IP address being changed. I changed to a US IP Address and the download went smoothly.

Recommended Free VPN services :

1. CyberGhost

2. SafeIP

Another alternative is to use a proxy server to route your data. For example, heading to hidemyass and pasting the download url would work too =D . Credits goes to Brandon who commented ~

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Solving Avast Antivirus service ‘not starting / starting’ issue.

Recently, there’s a glitchy virus definition update from Avast and it has caused those who has updated to that particular virus definition to be unable to startup Avast . A ‘Fix now’ or ‘start program’ button on the Avast control panel doesn’t work at all. A quick check under Services will report that the Avast Antivirus! service is not even running. It hangs under ‘Starting’.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to solve the issue. You’ll have to simply manually update Avast to the latest virus definitions from http://www.avast.com/download-update .

After downloading the file, simply double-click it and your Avast should be running fine after a restart =D



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