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First impressions after using the iPhone 5 for a day..

1. The Weather App in iOS 6 seem to only allow us to see detailed weather forecast information on only the current day. Previously, we are able to view details in advance.. hmm ?

2. Text is definitely crisper. Looking real good. This stark contrast could be partly due to the matte screen protector on my previous 4S =/.

3. Maps, yeah Apple Maps. Very sleek implementation. But it definitely shows lesser amenities and etc on the map as compared to the previous Google Map. And I still don’t get the difference between 3D and non-3D. :O  . And yes, no Street View. However, I don’t really utilise Street View in the first place, so it isn’t that much of a loss. No Flyover feature in SG as well.

4. Auto-brightness works extremely well in the iPhone 5. Seriously, you got to try it to know what I mean haha. the self-adjusting mechanism this time round is top-notch.

5. Blue colored theme for the Status bar at the top, when you enter Settings, Messages.. etc. All along, it is black themed right ? If my memory didn’t fail me lulz .

6. No 100% one-handed usage anymore. There are definitely some areas of the screen which I can’t comfortably reach with one hand.

7. Siri got a slight improvement in the accuracy department.. But features such as movietimes don’t work in SG !! -.- .

8. Shape of buttons in the Calculator and Phone application are changed subtly. Buttons in the Calculator got more rounded while those in the Phone are given a white theme and there are no gaps anymore between buttons. Buttons in the Camera App got changed to a bigger one too.

9. App store UI, a total revamp.

10. Full-screen mode in Safari is a nice touch though.

11. A ‘new’ badge will be shown for each newly downloaded app.

12. ‘Tap to tweet’ and ‘Tap to post’ are available under Notifications Center.

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