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Plague Inc Hack ( v1.5 )

I am using an iOS device, so I am not sure if this works on Android though.

Here goes :

1. Navigate to var/mobile/Applications using your favourite file browser ( My recommendations are iFunbox – desktop , iFile – jailbroken iPhone ) .  Locate the Folder for Plague Inc.

2. Click on the folder and enter the Library sub-folder and subsequently enter the Preferences sub-folder.

3. Replace the original com.ndemiccreations.plagueinc.plist file with this file.

4. By doing so, you will unlock all the viruses/bacteria etc ..

5. Remember to change the file access permissions to :User – Read, Write.
Group – Read, Write.
World – Read,Write.


IAP is not unlocked. You’ll either use IAPFree or some other IAP software to obtain it.

Change file permissions is easy via iFile. iFunbox seems to require an additional step of SSH to change file permissions..

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SSH locations and permissions (iPhone)

SSH locations for :

1.Addressbook, SMS , Notes >>> /var/mobile/lib

You’ll find folders for Addressbook etc under the lib folder.

2. Appbackup >>> /var/mobile/lib/preferences/Appbackup

The location to copy and paste your previous Appbackup save files to .

3. Cydia Themes  >> /var/stash/theme

4. Cydia apps >>  /var/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclib

5. Installous downloads  >> /private/var/mobile/downloads/Installous/Downloads


Addressbook folder : 0700 . Contents inside folder : 0644.

Safari, SMS, Notes folder : 0700.

Contents inside SMS : Drafts = 0700. sms.db = 0644.
Contents inside Notes : 0644.
Contents inside Safari : 0644.

Appbackup folder : 0755 . Contents inside folder : 0755.

Note : All Owner and Group must be set to Mobile (501) .

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Hacking Zombie Farm ( iPhone Game )

In a few short steps, let me teach you all how to do some hackin’ in Zombie Farm. ( Disclaimer : Hacking the game may cause decreased level of fun for certain people. Please ensure you do not fall into this category before hacking =D )

Hacking Brains

Materials needed :

Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

iFile – a file manager that allows you to see ALL files in your iPhone. Editting of files are possible too.

Steps :

1. Open iFile > Var > Mobile > Applications .

2. You will see those strings of numbers/alphabets for each folder.

3. Go to settings and enable ‘ Application Names ‘ .

4. Scroll all the way down and you will see ‘ Zombie Farm ‘.

5. Click on zombiefarm.app > Search ‘market’ and you should see a Market.plist .

6. Click on it and search ‘ zombie patch ‘ .

7. Scroll down a lil and you will see some  (key) cost (/key)
(integer) 1 (/integer)

8. Edit any one of those from 1 to -10000 .

9. Go to the Marketplace in the app and find for the item that states -10000 brains. When you purchase that item, you will gain 10000 brains instead =P

Clarifications regarding Time Hack

I believe most of us know how to time hack. Aka adjusting the time forwards to make the crops/zombies grow faster. However,some people will have the problem of being unable to save even after readjusting the time.

To solve this, activate ‘ Airplane Mode ‘ to prevent any sort of data connection. This prevents the game from saving and detecting the correct time in the process. Do this while adjusting the time forwards. Turn off Airplane Mode only when you adjusting back the time.

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