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First impressions after using the iPhone 5 for a day..

1. The Weather App in iOS 6 seem to only allow us to see detailed weather forecast information on only the current day. Previously, we are able to view details in advance.. hmm ?

2. Text is definitely crisper. Looking real good. This stark contrast could be partly due to the matte screen protector on my previous 4S =/.

3. Maps, yeah Apple Maps. Very sleek implementation. But it definitely shows lesser amenities and etc on the map as compared to the previous Google Map. And I still don’t get the difference between 3D and non-3D. :O  . And yes, no Street View. However, I don’t really utilise Street View in the first place, so it isn’t that much of a loss. No Flyover feature in SG as well.

4. Auto-brightness works extremely well in the iPhone 5. Seriously, you got to try it to know what I mean haha. the self-adjusting mechanism this time round is top-notch.

5. Blue colored theme for the Status bar at the top, when you enter Settings, Messages.. etc. All along, it is black themed right ? If my memory didn’t fail me lulz .

6. No 100% one-handed usage anymore. There are definitely some areas of the screen which I can’t comfortably reach with one hand.

7. Siri got a slight improvement in the accuracy department.. But features such as movietimes don’t work in SG !! -.- .

8. Shape of buttons in the Calculator and Phone application are changed subtly. Buttons in the Calculator got more rounded while those in the Phone are given a white theme and there are no gaps anymore between buttons. Buttons in the Camera App got changed to a bigger one too.

9. App store UI, a total revamp.

10. Full-screen mode in Safari is a nice touch though.

11. A ‘new’ badge will be shown for each newly downloaded app.

12. ‘Tap to tweet’ and ‘Tap to post’ are available under Notifications Center.

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Modified Samsung advert. For teh lulz.

Samsung Galaxy III vs iPhone 5

Modified Samsung advert LOL.

No hard feelings eh ? Just for fun,peace and laughter =)

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Great point against several features which aren’t implemented in iPhone 5.

Found this jewel amongst the promoted comments in an iPhone 5 related article in Ars Technica :

Point relating to the new ‘Lightning’ connectors
You may want to note that the flash memory used in most SmartPhones, including the iPhone, isn’t actually fast enough to even saturate USB2 speeds. So having a USB3 interface gains you just about nothing. You can only read from the flash at about 200Mbit/sec. Write speeds are even slower. There is no need for USB3 at this time. I would bet the new Apple Dock connector has pins reserved for future USB3 compatibility.

True, if the flash memory in the phone can’t handle USB3 speeds, there isn’t a point for a USB3 chip to be implemented in the ‘Lightning’ connector.

Wireless Charging: Here’s the problem. Wireless charging makes the device thicker. There’s nothing I can do to make it thinner once that design choice has been made. So even if I never use wireless charging I am paying a thickness tax for having it built-in. On the other side if you start with a very thin device you can add a wireless charging case which will of course increase the thickness — but it’s your choice. Compare the thickness of the iPhone 5 to the Nokia 920. The iPhone 5 would likely be thinner even *with* a wireless charging case.

Yeah, this is a pretty solid point. If people want to have wireless charging, they can buy a wireless charging case and mat separately. For those who don’t require wireless charging, you can have the svelte and thinness of the phone. This also puts the ball in the consumers’ court.

NFC: It’s been in other devices now for what? Almost a year? Hasn’t really taken off. On the e-payment side it’s hard to compete with swiping a credit card. How much easier can it get? For the other non-payment features NFC provides I think we’re looking at a repeat of QR codes. Nice idea but not many people use them and it’s not even clear NFC is the best way of doing those things due to the requirement of an extra radio and large low frequency antenna. Bluetooth, wifi-direct, and even just IP will provide a lot of the same functionality for ‘free’ with no extra parts required.

Totally agreed. I don’t see many merchants supporting QR codes, not to mention NFC lulz. I read some time back that there are some merchants who run their membership/loyalty cards via QR codes, but that’s still the minority. NFC have a proven security risk as well, can’t remember the exact details of the security flaw though.

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iPhone 5 details ~

This is a quick summary before I head for bed xD

Aesthetics and basic specs

-18% thinner than iPhone 4S @ 7.6mm

-20% lighter  @112g  (4S weighs 140g)

– retained retina resolution (326ppi)

– 4 inch 1136 x 640 screen resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio

-More accurate and clearer touch display. The touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself. A layer was removed form the display panel.

-The iPhone 5 is made entirely of glass and aluminum

-The white version has a raw aluminum back. The black one has the black anodized backing.

– 2x powerful A6 processor but 22% smaller. 22nm manufacturing technology ?
rumoured – Apple’s iPhone 5 Uses A6 SoC:  dual ARM Cortex A15s Inside. 4 GPU cores ( SGX543)

– 5 row icon display

-battery lifespan increase. Standby time: 225hr vs 200hr (4S) , 8hr vs 6hr (4S) on 3G, 10hr vs 9hr (4S) (wifi)

– new earpieces coming along with it. It is called EarPods ~

– nano-sim instead of micro-sim.

Wireless Capabilities

-supports numerous  wireless networks and it can switch antenna connections between different networks when needed.
(ultrafast wireless in the new iPhone 5 GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and LTE)


-Time-shift multiplayer using Game Center.
“Whoa. Now this is cool. Gamecenter has “time shifted” multiplayer. You can race your car on the track today. Your friend races you tomorrow”
“Murray said they’re using Game Center to provide time shifted multi player gaming — you can challenge someone to play one day, and race them the next. You can play in real time, while your opponent is actually racing from a pre-recorded run. You can fully interact with the vehicle, jostle with the race position, and affect your time in the race. This is Real Racing 3 — real tracks, real cars, real people, you can play any time you like. It’ll be in the App Store later this year. “

Safari- fullscreen mode

-iCloud tabs –> “I can get back to any of my content from any of my browsers on the go, it’s called iCloud tabs.” Sort of like Google’s Chrome syncing between desktop and Android.

-Passbook-  Things like movie tickets, boarding passes, coupons, store cards, you get the picture. If you’ve already attended an event like a baseball game, you can take that ticket, delete it, and it shreds and goes away. Cute.

-improved Siri ? lol – iOS 6 – Siri updates, you can now launch apps by voice command

– Right from notification center, you can post to Facebook or Twitter now. You can tweet from anywhere.

-photo stream sharing


– 40% faster on photo capture

-panorama mode up to 28MP.

-1080p video, improved video stability, face detection

-FaceTime camera is HD , 720p but with backside illumination .

– sapphire crystal protection for camera lens.


-Three microphones, bottom, front, and back.

-wideband audio. Improved frequency range in the audio you hear while talking on the phone.

-The speaker has a five-magnet transducer. That’s three more magnets in your transducer. They fit in a space that’s 20 percent smaller.


– Maps with built in turn by turn directions.

-3D cinematic view


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