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Plague Inc Hack ( v1.5 )

I am using an iOS device, so I am not sure if this works on Android though.

Here goes :

1. Navigate to var/mobile/Applications using your favourite file browser ( My recommendations are iFunbox – desktop , iFile – jailbroken iPhone ) .  Locate the Folder for Plague Inc.

2. Click on the folder and enter the Library sub-folder and subsequently enter the Preferences sub-folder.

3. Replace the original com.ndemiccreations.plagueinc.plist file with this file.

4. By doing so, you will unlock all the viruses/bacteria etc ..

5. Remember to change the file access permissions to :User – Read, Write.
Group – Read, Write.
World – Read,Write.


IAP is not unlocked. You’ll either use IAPFree or some other IAP software to obtain it.

Change file permissions is easy via iFile. iFunbox seems to require an additional step of SSH to change file permissions..

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