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Details and some thoughts on Galaxy S4 so far ~

Here’s what I have found out so far on the interwebz and some of my thoughts on the features =P

-5-inch full high-definition Super Amoled screen, using Gorilla Glass 3, 441ppi , Pentile 
-Google Android 4.2.2
-13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera
-2600mAh battery
– eight-core Samsung Exynos in some countries , others use quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro
– Plastic Chassis with metal bezel

Thoughts : Pentile again ?! -.- . Can’t they just go for true RGB .. 441 ppi is outstanding though. Plastic is used once again for its chassis, no surprise there.

Additional features :

Air Gesture –> Instead of touching the screen, the new S 4 has greater gesture controls. Users can skip through songs simply my moving their hands across the screen, or view contents of e-mail messages and photo albums by hovering their finger above the display screen. The Galaxy S 4 is able to sense the presence of your finger up to about a centimeter away from the display.

– New camera software allow users to remove a moving object completely from a photo, while another allow users to create a moving GIF file using multiple photos.
– Multiple Camera scenes
– A Camera function which allows user to be able to see front and rear views at the same time

Samsung Smart Scroll, which is designed to let users control the screen by where they look. You can scroll the browser or emails up and down without even touching the screen.

Samsung Smart Pause – For those watching videos, playback stops the moment a user’s eyes are taken of the screen, and will only resume when the user stares at the screen again.

S Translator – A built in translator in the device will translate foreign languages automatically in e-mail, text and chat messages.

Mobeam – a way to beam barcodes using pulses of infrared light

Group Play – Send music,documents to other phones. Ability to play music together at the same time. Seems to only work with other S4s -.- .

S Health –> S Health includes support for an integrated pedometer, temperature and humidity sensors in the SGS4. The S Health app is supposed to be able to track distance traveled and give you local identification of current temperature and humidity. The app also includes the ability to act as a meal tracker, just look up foods you’ve eaten and it’ll keep a running tally of calories consumed.


Air gestures is the feature which is pretty much innovative, the others doesn’t have the excitement factor. Samsung Smart Scroll is looking good too, but I read on some sites that both of these features work intermittently, so we shall see how it fares in the coming weeks when it is rolled out.

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Well, well. Random musings on the Apple Maps saga.

There is currently lots of vitriol online regarding the failure of Apple Maps. Inaccurate detection of locations, lack of Street View, lack of nearby amenities being shown, no public Transport routing etc etc.

It is true. I believe Apple has made a mistake. The Maps app that they self-curated wasn’t as up to mark to consumer expectations. It seems like another Beta software .. sounds familiar ? Remember the release of Siri last year ? Beta version, they say. HAHA.

Some commentators have said that Apple has lost it focus on its users and instead is letting its intense rivalry with Google dominate its policies and actions.

However, I feel that Apple has simply decided to take the bitter pill now rather than later. Mapping apps provide valuable consumer data which can lead to other revenue gaining opportunities. For instance, letting the mapmaker know which location is more popular based on location-based pings from the user and location-based ads which can be served to consumers using the app. Apple doesn’t want Google to obtain all these data anymore, it wants the data for itself.

Additionally, it also dealt a blow to one of  Google’s main revenue arm, advertising. ( Yeah, this could be partly attributed to the rivalry..) iPhone users account for half of the total Google Maps traffic in the US even though there is a greater proportion of Android users (60%) compared to iOS (34%) .

However, there is another core reason why Apple decided to make its own Maps app. In the agreement between Apple and Google regarding Apple’s usage of Google Maps on its iDevices, there is a specific clause stating that Apple cannot include turn-by-turn navigation. This means that Apple devices with Google Maps will always be one step behind Android Phones, which have turn-by-turn navigation a long time back. This surely would not do for Apple.

All-in all, I feel that Apple made a bold move in attempting to wean its reliance of Google Maps and also reducing the inflow of data to Google in the process, but the self-curated Maps App definitely needs improvements to ensure the sleek user experience Apple is known for.

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